YWCA Early Head Start

The YWCA Early Head Start Program provides comprehensive educational and health services for pregnant adolescents, children of adolescent parents, young children with disabilities, and children living in poverty and their families.  The program is first and foremost a child development program with a goal of promoting school readiness and effective parenting.  (NOTE:  All children served are 0 – 3, and pregnant women) 

Fast Fact:  Over the past fifteen years Early Head Start has reversed the national high school graduation rate of adolescent parents.  The average graduation rate of participants in the program is 82% compared to the national rate of 30%-40%.

Program Vision
Early Head Start children, families, and staff will reach their highest potential.

Program Mission
We promote the development of children, families, and staff through high quality early childhood services and community partnerships.

2014 Annual Report

Program Goals and Objectives

Goal #1
Children will have access to high quality early childhood services that promote their growth and school readiness in the 5 essential developmental domains: language and literacy, cognition and general knowledge, approaches to learning, physical development and health, and social and emotional development.

Goal #2
Families will progress toward their goals in areas including, but not limited to health, mental wellness, education, and employment.

Goal #3
Staff will leverage their personal and professional growth to assist children and families in realizing their goals.

Goal #4
Community Partnerships will be established and/or maintained to build comprehensive, integrated services for children and families and increase community investment.

Goal #5
Our Fiscal and Program long-range goal is to strengthen our management systems and provide the support required to expand our services.


YWCA Glen Oaks Early Head Start Center
7055 Glen Oaks Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70812
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YWCA Istrouma Early Head Start Center
4643 Winbourne Avenue
Baton Rouge,LA 70805
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YWCA Prescott Early Head Start Center
5262 Prescott Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70805


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