Urgent Needs

Recent Flooding in Louisiana

The YWCA needs your help. And monetary donations will go toward rebuilding Louisiana in two ways:

  1. Our Glen Oaks Early Head Start (EHS) Center received severe flooding, which damaged supplies, toys, books, learning materials – most of what we need to provide quality EHS to the Community. This center gives free and comprehensive education/health services to pregnant adolescents, children of adolescent parents, children with disabilities, and families living in poverty. It’s a child development program focused on the formative years (0-3) in which learning increases school readiness and effective parenting. It’s also a critical space, right now, for safe and affordable childcare as parents work to clean and fix homes, maintain their employment, and re-stabilize after such a large disaster.  One major priority, then, is getting the Glen Oaks Center functional, again.
  2. In developing services to empower women, the YWCA wants to provide feminine hygiene kits to women and teens affected by flooding. A variety of items are needed, including soap, shampoo/conditioner, tampons/pads, feminine wipes, toothbrush/toothpaste, etc. As well, we’ve received an uptick in requests for diapers and other baby products from families trying to get back on their feet. These crucial hygiene products promote health and well-being while simultaneously affording dignity to women who’ve lost so much in the recent and tragic flooding.

Alongside monetary donations, goods that fit the above two immediate needs can be brought to our administrative building:

8281 Goodwood Blvd.
Ste. B1
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

(see our Needs List )

And then there’s volunteering: If you have the time and ambition, please contact
georgetownk@ywca-br.org. We need help in fixing up the Glen Oaks EHS Center and to distribute donated goods throughout the community.

Thank you – We’re grateful for your kindness in these trying times.

 Make Your Donation for YWCA Flood Relief!