Trauma Informed Care Counseling is made available through SAMHSA ReCast Grant.

Counseling services are confidential.

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Our vision is that in the 21st Century, YWCA will be a premier service movement for women in a community where women are respected leaders in all sectors of society, diversity is embraced, and all people belong to one race – the human race. 

The YWCA's Mission is dedicated to eliminating racism; empowering women; and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.
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We Create Real Change

SIHLE works to guide teen girls (aged 13 to 19), as they strive toward personal dignity and future opportunity.


The primary focus – what, "Empowerment," means – is creating an open space for teen girls to:

  • better negotiate abstinence or safe sex preferences with partners

  • more fully understand the legacy of brilliant black women who helped shape American history and poetry

  • speak openly and honestly about the challenges faced during adolescence 

Alongside a community of strong and caring women, our goal is to inspire teens to more fully actualize the beauty and brilliance inherent within themselves.

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Our Mission in Action

Early Head Start

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Stand with Baton Rouge

EHS is the beginning of a child's journey to learn. We give kids (aged 0 to 3) a place to grow and create, while providing parents with the free time and guidance to build happy, healthy homes.

Beyond free full-day child care, the comprehensive part of EHS - our wrap-around services - include:

  • parental education and support (including home visits)

  • take-home family activities

  • mental health and disability screenings

  • healthcare, social service, and education referrals

Through this vast array of services, our goal is to enhance children's development during their critically young ages while simultaneously promoting healthy prenatal outcomes and supportive family structures.

Unfortunately, we currently have a wait list of families eligible and interested in EHS. But please contact us to apply for the wait list for future openings.

The YWCA Greater Baton Rouge is Supported by

Early Head Start (Child Care)
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Baton Rouge Area Foundation
AmeriCorps VISTA
Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation

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