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Your word is your bond.

The goal of our program is justice.

Non-violent, un-convicted citizens in Baton Rouge are being held in jail 

because they do not have the ability to pay several hundred dollars on the spur of the moment. Our goal is not to subvert justice, but to allow them to continue their lives until they have been arraigned and judged as guilty or not guilty.

Without bail frequently those arrested

without the ability to pay bail will lose their jobs, their housing and their children, all before they have been convicted of any wrong-doing. 
We do not offer bail for violent offenses, only for those arrested for non-violent offenses where if they were guilty, the penalty would not be to spend months in jail.

How can you help?

The YWCA has established a community bail system, in which individuals within the community can donate funds that provide for the bonding obligations of individuals arrested in East Baton Rouge Parish.

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