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Women's Empowerment Day

Making Louisiana a Competitive State

Join us in our mission to improve women's and children’s lives across the state by increasing economic security, allowing for better health care, reforming criminal justice and reducing gun violence. We will gather at the steps of the Louisiana State Capitol at noon on March 24 to stand in support of the proposed bills that can change women’s and children’s lives.

Women's Empowerment Day Event

Location: Louisiana State Capitol Steps

Address: 900 North 3rd Street, BR, LA 70802

Date: March 24, 2022 

Time: 12:00 PM

Take action.

Help us lead the charge to change by supporting legislation that empowers Lousiana’s families.

Bills to Support

HB 110

Adds domestic violence matters as an assignable subject matter within the 19th Judicial District Court.

HB 667

Prohibits race discrimination based on natural hairstyles.

HB 452

Creates and provides for an education program to provide state funding for students who have been victims of bullying and are not enrolled in public school.

HB 311

Establishes a state minimum wage rate.

SB 256

Requires certain assessments of a student prior to suspension from school.

SB 236

Removes the reduced-price copayment for school meals.

SB 116

Creates the office on women's health within the Louisiana Department of Health.

HB 351

Prohibits the use of certain rating factors in automobile insurance underwriting.

HB 460

Expands the purposes for which a parish governing authority may levy a tax relative to early childhood programs.

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